Terms & Conditions

The Airborne Vision Pilot in Charge has the right to halt flight operations at any time they consider conditions for flight to be unsafe or unsuitable. Please see FAQs under ‘What happens if a flight is cancelled’ for full cancellation details.

We must have the permission of the landowner to fly over their property. If we will be required to fly over land that does not belong to you, then you will need to obtain written permission from the land owner (we can provide a form for this) sending a copy to us before the flight can take place.

Special Permissions may be required from the CAA for operating under certain circumstances; gaining these permissions may take additional time and increase costs. Should this situation arise we will discuss this with you prior to finalising the agreement.

We are allowed to fly to a maximum of 400ft (120m) altitude above ground and 500m (1640ft) horizontally from the UAV pilot or maintain ‘Visual Line of Sight’ if conditions are restrictive.

If a building or the people around it are not under our control, we can only fly to within 50m of any structure or persons.

If a building and the people around it are under our control and we have the land owner’s permission we can fly as close as it is deemed safe.

We do not fly directly over people or animals unless further risk assessment is undertaken.

We are not allowed to fly within 150m of crowds of 1,000 or more people. Additionally we may not fly in restricted or regulated areas without special permissions.

We do not fly within 150m of congested areas without special permission and safety precautions.

We fly in dry conditions with winds up to a maximum of 20 knots (23 mph) including gusts. We do not fly in rain or heavy fog as these conditions may damage/endanger the aircraft and create increased risk.

We may not fly near electrical power lines, transmitter structures or microwave posts, as these can cause transmission hazards unless certain safety conditions are met.

Cancellation Policy

We make every effort to ensure up-to-date weather details are obtained for your area, and will advise you as soon as possible if the weather looks unsuitable and postponement is recommended.  

Weather prevents flight - the deposit will be carried forward if a flight is re-booked.

Cancellation with 7 clear days’ notice - deposit will be refunded or transfer to the new date if re-booked.

Cancellation without 7 clear days’ notice - the 20% deposit will not be refunded and any additional costs or expenses already incurred must be met by the customer. This particularly applies on the day of flight, as our pilot may already be on his way to you.

We will always attempt to come to a fair and reasonable agreement.

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