Scenic & Social

Airborne Vision provides stunning views, with sharp images and smooth movement, resulting in professional grade video or photography. Once the usual surveys and assessments are completed, we are flying within minutes to record your occasion, whether it is a corporate function, graduation, summer ball or sporting event. We can create aerial videos or photographs taken from different perspectives, capturing unique footage and local views.

North Fistral


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Airborne Vision allows you to stand out from the crowd with creative video or stills photography, which is perfect to record a corporate or community event to enhance your web site or brochure. Images of historic buildings, stately homes, golf clubs, holiday homes or campsites can all be captured from interesting and unusual perspectives. Outdoor events such as sculpture, static aircraft or museum displays also look stunning from an aerial perspective.

Technical & Inspection

Airborne Vision allows you to view images of buildings for general or in-depth inspection and quickly enables you to assess the condition, or identify areas needing repair. We have a photographer experienced in technical and damage inspection photography. Structures like wind turbines, brick towers, and other ‘stand-alone’ features can easily be assessed. Insurance policies or claims may be assisted with supportive photographic evidence. With fast and efficient response times and no requirement for expensive scaffolding or aircraft, a drone provides a more cost effective service, allowing you to quickly obtain the answers you need.

Wind Turbine051



Airborne Vision can film your land in order to get a better overview of the geography, which may not be visible from a ground survey. Images can help assess building maintenance requirements, particularly of rooftops, chimneys and areas more difficult to access. We can help you create an historical record of environmental changes in areas which you are responsible for, such as river banks, lakes, hedgerows and pathways. An initial assessment by a drone for an archaeological survey could be the first step to locating the best place to proceed.

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